POP that's green; advertising with EZIPOP by add ons or extras, can solve display issues or provide that extra POS appeal

Whether you have a bigger message to display, multi brochures to display, magazines to display at P.O.P. or just want to make an even bigger impact at point of purchase, EZIPOP can deliver the solution.

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Extra WOW for your POP!

Get extra POP with our display extras

Display more, advertise more and impact more with EZIPOP extras

Advertising with EZIPOP by add-ons or extras, can solve display issues or provide that extra POP appeal and it’s GREEN too!

When you want that extra appeal or impact at Point Of Purchase (POP), or where you need to display different brochures in the same holder, we can offer solutions such as our Duo design. These are currently available to suit DL size (4” wide) brochures and A5 size (6” wide) brochures.

Extra Point Of Purchase (POP) advertising

Other ways to enhance the appeal of your display are by adding a header card or a side card, which simply slip into the EZIPOP behind the brochures. For large quantities, we can incorporate various extras into the design, so that once the EZIPOP display is popped up on counter, the extra design element is automatically in place. So no extra slip in pieces or separate cards, it’s all in one, making it very easy for merchandisers or representatives to utilise, increasing POP compliance.

Display your information leaflets or brochures at the Point Of Purchase and highlight a seasonal promotion or special feature by adding a temporary header card that we can customise for you. These can just slip in behind the brochures and can even be designed to sit behind the brochures when pre-packed. The header card can then be pulled up from behind the brochures when displaying your information and hooked over the back of the holder to keep it in place. Just ask us for more information on this simple extra by filling in the form on the contact us page or request a quote.

Got something different to display?

Want to display a magazine or odd sized brochure at POP?  If we don’t have the die on hand, provided you are interested in sufficient quantity, we can custom design an EZIPOP to suit your needs. Ask us how.

Want to display up to 4 different brochures in one of our EZIPOP cardboard brochure holders?  We can custom design a 4 up EZIPOP display for you provided your quantity is sufficient. Ask us how.

Want to add a character or other shape onto the side of a standard EZIPOP? Yes we can do this and it can be integrated into the construction of the EZIPOP, so that it just pops out when the EZIPOP is made up. Ask us how.

Got a different idea that you haven’t seen here? We’re open to discussing any idea you have, so just contact us or request a quote.

Print options; be seen, be green - be a WOW machine!

Printing is usually standard 4 process colour plus a gloss UV varnish but special inks are available. Of course we can print just one or two colours and we can offer foiling, embossing and other finishes. One of the advantages of our product over the typical clear plastic alternatives, is the high impact graphics that we can easily achieve. And because our product is so easy to use and can pop up on counter, the WOW factor gives you a much greater chance of occupying prime space. Add to that, the extras discussed here like header cards, side cards or pop out characters and you have a very impactful display that communicates your message to the best effect.