Internationally Patented

EZIPOPs are unique, they stand out in the busy marketplace you compete in, because they're visually striking, strong, eco-friendly and an economical way to communicate your company's brand, logo, products and message. And they're the only internationally patented cardboard brochure holders in the world. 

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Internationally patented

Patented and Design Registered Internationally.

US6,637,594 B1 AU780843 & 2005202012 EU314570 Pat.2010901980 Pending Aus. & International Reg. Reg Des. 310562, 317446, 148401, 146043, 146044, 155579, 149565.EZIPOP® is registered in Australia & EU. EZIPOP™ pending elsewhere.

EZIPOP freestanding pop up cardboard brochure stands or cardboard brochure holders, are available in most popular sizes like A6, DL, A5 and A4 as well as various tri-fold or custom sizes, through to multi pocket brochure displays or magazine displays.

Our pop up, freestanding product dispensers are custom sized to suit each product and like our brochure holders, they're economical, green and fully recyclable. They save on transport and distribution costs because they ship flat, pack flat, flat pak and store flat. Advertising at POS or POP [point of sale or point of purchase] by displaying your literature or products where the final decision is made using EZIPOP patented cardboard displays is the smart eco-friendly way to market your product or service.