Environment, eco or green issues make EZIPOP brochure stands, brochure holders, product dispensers and freestanding POP displays the right marketing choice

They’re produced using materials and processes that represent the ultimate in eco-friendly displays. 

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Green Info

Save money and the environment

EZIPOPs are produced using cardboard manufactured to ISO1401 Environmental Management System Certification. The board is produced using pulp from certified sustainable plantation forests and bleaching is Elemental Chlorine Free.

We employ the best practice environmentally friendly printing processes, including vegetable based, water-soluble inks and varnishes and all printers’ waste is recycled. Additionally, EZIPOPs save transport, storage and distribution costs due to their lower weight than plastic alternatives as well as their ability to ship flat. The savings for our environment are considerable when transport emissions are taken into consideration.

Being made from strong environmentally friendly and recyclable cardboard is just the beginning, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment in all our processes:

We use the most eco-friendly products available for our manufacturing processes
We source our cardboard from sustainable forests and offer recycled board where suitable
We encourage and support our suppliers and business partners in achieving the highest environmental standards possible
We ensure our operations and activities comply with or exceed all applicable environmental laws
We recycle as much paper, cardboard and other manufacturing materials as possible at home, the office and manufacturing plants
We use the most energy and fuel efficient equipment and transport methods available
We use vegetable based inks in our printing process and ensure our EZIPOPs are 100% recyclable
We generate solar power to assist in powering our head office operations

Our business is built on utilising sustainable materials, so protection of the environment is key in our operations as we aim to be the most credible alternative to oil based or energy intensive products.

Think GREEN like your customers

The majority of people these days are interested in using eco-friendly products, a huge change from 10 to 15 years ago, so now  when purchasing any product, around 50% of buyers will consider the product’s environmental credentials before making their purchase decision.

Most companies and organisations have recognised the importance of sustainability in everything they do and have found that being green, translates to better customer relations, saves them money, and delivers higher profit margins. Reading through annual reports from some of our largest corporations bears this out. They do get it! 

Be clean, green and seen.

Eco-design is now a must, not just an option, because more and more consumers are keen to know about the eco credentials of things they buy and if they can make a more eco friendly choice, they will do it. Smart companies are incorporating sustainability into their organisations because they recognise the financial and competitive edge this gives them over their competition and the long-term environmental benefits are good for everyone.

There's a lot of PR value in going green and being seen to be green.

EZIPOPs help in this regard, because they are an obviously green way for a company to display their literature, which may have been printed on recycled paper as well. EZIPOP helps to complete the eco cycle in a positive and visually attractive way.