Recognition? We're usually too busy producing great EZIPOPs for clients to take time out and enter competitions

After all we believe that if our clients are happy with our work, that’s the best award of all. However we did enter a POPAI award contest once as an experiment.

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We entered with what we considered was our best shot

Wow, POPAI awarded us a Silver Indian!

A few years ago, we were offered a prime spot at the POPAI Marketing At Retail EXPO held in Melbourne, Australia. We decided to participate; setting up and running a stand, as well as entering the competition.

We entered the Awards Competition with our EZIPOP self-contained competition unit, in the category: Temporary Health Care Point Of Purchase Display: Medical/Pharmacy/Veterinary.

Everyone wants a POPAI indian

This is a hotly contested section, with high profile POP manufacturers vying for Bronze, Silver and Gold POPAI Indians, with high impact displays for multi-national Pharmacy, Medical and Veterinary companies.

Industry professionals appointed by POPAI Australia & New Zealand undertook the judging for the awards. At the Gala Awards evening, we were awarded with a Silver POPAI Indian.

In a very competitive and highly creative business such as ours, this Silver award is considered a real achievement and is well respected by manufacturers and clients alike. Below is some further information and background to the award winning EZIPOP self-contained competition unit.


FRONTLINE Plus® from Merial, the market leader in flea control for dogs and cats worldwide defend their position with mainstream advertising media, as well as attractive, innovative and market leading Point Of Purchase displays in veterinary clinics and pet stores.

Typically in the cooler winter months, pet owners reduce flea control measures, even though warm homes also breed fleas, so FRONTLINE Plus use various promotions to improve pet owner compliance.

Previous experience had shown that in-clinic competitions where the prize is on display and is drawn in the individual clinic enjoy high pet owner participation and enthusiastic clinic staff support.

The Winter Promotion

A stylish ceramic tower heater was used as a prize and also as a reinforcement of the “fleas breed in warm homes” message. The heater was displayed in each participating veterinary clinic across Australia and every pet owner who purchased a FRONTLINE Plus product was eligible to enter the draw to win this heater.

The Challenge

With on-counter space at a premium, the task was to design a compact all-in-one POP counter unit to announce the competition, hold entry coupons, display product brochures and be the entry box too.

It needed to be EASY to set up, EASY to use and EASY to gain space on the counter for maximum exposure to clients – as well as innovative and visually appealing.

The EZIPOP Answer

The all-in-one EZIPOP competition unit was derived from our patented brochure holders and product dispensers.

This combo unit was supplied to clinics fully loaded with brochures and with entry pad in place, in it’s closed un-erected configuration, shrink-wrapped to keep it clean and intact.

Simple display instruction drawings are printed on the base of the unit and it was simply a matter of removing the shrink-wrap then pushing the outer sleeve of the unit down onto the counter. This simple action revealed the brochures, the entry box and at the same time, formed angled base struts to add stability. The front base strut also held the entry pad at a convenient angle and position for tearing off a single entry coupon.

This all-in-one unit facilitated the competition and draw, with all components in one compact unit, rather than a separate brochure holder, separate coupon pad, separate entry box and separate product information brochures. It was well accepted by all involved and at the end of the campaign, it was fully and easily recyclable.

The Reward

The best thing about this solution for our client, was that it provided a unique solution to their need and they loved it. It was well received too by their clients and the unit was reproduced twice with different graphics for subsequent promotions. Winning the POPAI Silver Indian was very exciting and rewarding but the real reward was seeing how well our combo unit actually worked in practise and getting those repeat orders. That's a real win-win.