EZIPOP DL brochure holder templates for your designer

Below is a front panel drawing and an isometric sketch drawing of a standard DL size (4” wide) EZIPOP to suit typical trifold or one third A4 brochures.

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To download these drawings, just click on the Download icon at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to register your details, then an email containing the download link will be emailed to you.

The format which they will be supplied is in pdf format that is openable in either Acrobat or drawing programs such as Illustrator.

Use this front panel template to plan either your label or sticker for the front of our Generic EZIPOPs or to design the front for a custom printed EZIPOP.

For Generics, please note that these are kept as a stock item and all have the deeper front cut out to show as much of your brochure as possible. The standard depth and optional straight cut are only available on custom printed EZIPOPs.

Use this drawing as an aid in presenting a design for your client to approve.

By showing how the front, side and brochures will look on this base drawing your client will have a better understanding of the proposed design and should make approvals easier for all.