POP or Point Of Purchase display compliance is a major marketing issue

Especially for companies who invest considerable funds supplying eye catching POP or POS material, then find that up to 50% of that material is either displayed poorly or not displayed at all. *

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POP Compliance

How much is POP non-compliance costing you?

EZIPOP, it’s POP compliance made easy!

Compliance with POP or POS material, whether in a convenience store, bank, pharmacy, supermarket, government office, or any other point where an organization wants to display their information at the decision point, often depends on how difficult or complicated it is.

Keep it simple

Some display items are so complicated or flimsy, that only an experienced and skilled merchandiser or company representative could assemble the item correctly, so unless this skilled person is provided, a large percentage of that expensive display material is never installed and ends up in the waste stream, having never done it’s job of communicating the organisation’s message.

Make it EASY

We designed our EZIPOP products to be eye-catching, simple display products that grab attention at the Point Of Purchase, are easy to use and take up a minimum of counter space. Our EZIPOP products ship flat and because the 1-2-3 base assembly is an industry standard base, most people have no trouble understanding how to put it together. Then they simply fill the holder with brochures, pop up on the counter and hey presto, it is on display.

Maximise POP compliance

For much higher compliance at POP or POS, we can assemble the base, pack with your leaflets or product, then staff at the Point Of Purchase simply pop up the unit on their counter to display. No fiddling with flimsy struts, twisting, or pushing bits through slots, just pop it up and it’s done. it couldn’t be easier to get almost 100% compliance with your marketing intentions.

Don't leave your brochures lying around on the shelf

Often the POP communication piece or literature is part of a much wider campaign, involving TV, radio, press etc. so large amounts of the organisation’s budget has been spent. The last piece in the communication may be the brochures displayed at POP and if they aren’t displayed, it will negatively affect the whole outcome.  We have found that even where our EZIPOP brochure holders have been supplied flat, with brohures and need to have the base snapped together, brochures inserted and popped up on counter, compliance is close to 90% †

EZIPOP increases your chances at POP

If you want to guarantee compliance every time, specify pre-filled EZIPOPs, that simply pop up on the counter and start working for you immediately. With up to 75%* of purchase decisions being made at the point of purchase, can you afford not to be on display?


* POPAI industry information.  † Client feedback.