How to supply your artwork so that we achieve exactly what you intend

...and keep everyone happy.

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Art specs

EZIPOP Brochure Holders or Product Dispensers Artwork Specifications

If you have any questions concerning your artwork please contact us and we’ll get back to you with everything.


  • Adobe Illustrator (Creative Cloud and below) preferably exported as pdf [press quality]
  • Adobe Acrobat (Creative Cloud and below) as press quality. If you use a PC, just supply your art as a press quality pdf.

Artwork Template

  • We will supply you with a unique numbered knife drawing template, as an Adobe Illustrator document, with a layer ready for your artwork.
  • The template will have layers for our legal and assembly information, which must remain on the finished artwork.
  • Upon receipt of your artwork, we will check that your layout appears to be correct and where any doubt exists, we will make a small mockup to test.  


  • Postscript, or
  • TrueType

Preferably outline all fonts or include all fonts on disk or file transfer.


  • PhotoShop high-resolution 300 - 400 dpi (less than 300 dpi images may appear pixelated) as TIFF, EPS or PSD
    (Please ensure all images are included, not linked to an external folder.)


Allow 3mm bleed on cut edges where possible. Note the ‘no print’ glue areas.


  • CMYK is standard. (RGB is not acceptable for printing.) 
  • Grayscale, Duotone & Monotone or Pantone [PMS] Colours
  • Foiling and or embossing are available, please discuss your needs with us.

Electronic File Transfer

  • Only attachments smaller than 10MB can be received by email.
  • We accept larger files via hightail  We Transfer or Dropbox  [This is a free service.]

Please submit a press quality PDF file if submitting file electronically.



Please provide a list of contents and hard copy color printout along with disk. Preferably also include a pdf of your artwork on the disc.

Pre Press Proof

  • We will email you a pdf proof for your OK prior to printing. A hard copy proof is also available but this adds an extra day or two to production and may incur additional charges.