EZIPOP dispensers, the green or eco way to display your products at POP (Point Of Purchase)

These freestanding gravity fed displays or sampling units are easy to use and easy on your budget. Our product dispensers are sized to suit each product and offer a unique way to display and dispense products at point of purchase. They’re ideal for new product launches, sampling or just getting your product highlighted in store or pharmacy.

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Dispenser EZIPOP


Display and dispense products

The clean, green, marketing machine!

Custom sized EZIPOP dispensers make your product highly visible and accessable at Point Of Purchase; ideal for product launches or for tapping into impulse sales. They're designed to be easy to use and can be stored completely flat to save on storage and transport costs. 

We can also supply Dispenser EZIPOPs fully assembled and filled with product too, then when required to be displayed, they simply pop up on the counter or shelf and reveal the product, adding considerable utility and wow factor to any campaign.

Effective POP displays increase interest. Dispensing product at Point of Purchase, impacts positively on sales results

Often it isn’t enough to have educated your customers about your product through mass advertising in magazines, newspapers and TV; when they visit the store or pharmacy, you're competing against your competitors as well as all the other products on display.

Once they’re in the store, you need to entice them to reach for your product in preference to all else. Consistency of message is a key element too and that’s where the EZIPOP product dispensers come into their own. Their all over graphics and distinctive shape, make them stand out and your graphics can easily mirror your other campaign themes and colours.

Increase awareness, increase sales and increase compliance

When it comes to producing impactful Point of Purchase dispenser displays, the question isn’t whether having a POP dispenser display will increase your sales, it’s a matter of how the right display can impact sales even more. EZIPOP dispensers are innovative and attractive, with minimal footprint on the counter or shelf, they are also very easy for merchandisers or your representatives to use and display.

Often good sales aids are wasted if they are just too difficult or need high skills to use, so some expensive displays and sales aids end up going straight to landfill. [Not very environmentally friendly and a waste of your budget and resources]

If you would like us to look at your product and evaluate it for display in an EZIPOP dispenser, contact us, we're happy to help.

EZIPOP dispensers;

  • are easy to store, easy to use and they save on shipping costs due to their low weight and ability to ship flat.
  • are a patented design that's been extensively researched to be the best cardboard dispenser available.
  • are made from special high-strength, certified food grade cardboard.
  • use the most eco-friendly processes available during production.
  • are 100% recyclable when either the campaign has ended or they're no longer required.