EZIPOP cardboard brochure holders are the green way to display brochures, leaflets and products at P.O.P.

Our patented products provide on counter advertising information at point of sale that’s easy to use, easy on the environment and easy on your budget. They advertise your message, and information right where your customers make their final purchase decision and make a subtle statement about your organisation’s committment to a greener, smarter world.

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by MCB

My head turned when I was passing by

I caught you in the corner of my eye

So sexy, so smart and oh so strong

EZIPOP, EZIPOP you are my song



Great looking P.O.P. grabs attention and sales, that’s why marketers and advertisers spend so much effort on their Point Of Purchase displays.


So when you’re looking to get information out to your target market, go for the cardboard brochure holder that enhances your literature and adds appeal to your offering. 


We print EZIPOP cardboard brochure holders in full CMYK colour, then coat with a high gloss UV varnish for the best surface protection and appearance.


Want more P.O.P. appeal? Try special colours, metallics or some of the many other finishes we've got available.


Ready for some great looking EZIPOPs grabbing attention for you and your product or service? 

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