Advertising at Point Of Sale with an EZIPOP display has been an important part of many high profile organisations marketing and advertising campaigns

Because they get results at POS where the final purchase decision is made and the eco nature of our products sits well with their corporate philosophy and desire to preserve our environment.

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Our Clients

Whatever business you’re in, you’re in good company with EZIPOP

Our customers are from organisations in various industries and government agencies


Some of our customers


Point Of Purchase WOW that's eco-friendly and easy to ship, store and use

Our clients recognise that one of the many advantages of our product over the typical clear plastic alternatives, is the high impact graphics that can easily be achieved. And because our product is so easy to use and can pop up on counter, the WOW factor gives them a much greater chance of occupying prime space. One client happily told us that where typical responses to brochures that they wanted to put in the store was, “put them over there on the wall rack”. But when the EZIPOP with brochures was popped up on their counter, they responded, “Wow, how did you do that? Hey just leave that here next to the till”.

Be seen to be green

The patented design of our EZIPOP products has made them the ideal POP choice for many large and small organisations who demand the best in all they do. The green credentials of our products are also seen as a winner for our clients who strive to do whatever they can to preserve our environment and like to be recognised by their customers as being environmentally conscious. We continually look for even better ways to minimise our impact on the environment and as new technologies evolve to save waste or energy, we are quick to adopt them in our production processes.




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