EZIPOP pos, pop and take one products are specified by many happy clients

What have our clients said about their experiences with EZIPOP? Here are some quotes and snippets of the feedback we have received.

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Client comments

“WOW these EZIPOPs are fantastic...”

Let us know if you have used EZIPOPs and would like to add your comments or a testimonial here.


I'd like to say how much I appreciated EZIPOPs effectiveness during my launch marketing campaign. I used DL-sized Generic EZIPOPs to display my brochures in all the major shops across Sydney. The main response from retail outlet managers was Wow! How well-presented.
We needed a brochure unit that enhanced existing literature and our display card, one that would be easy for our people to put together and display. EZIPOP satisfied our needs and were very happy with the outcome.
Brian Torrey - John Deere
The minute I saw EZIPOPs I was looking for an opportunity to use them. Everyone who sees them is impressed. I can't speak highly enough of EZIPOPs and how they have boosted our staffs enthusiasm to distribute information.
WOW these EZIPOPs are fantastic. I'll be telling all my business associates about them.
EZIPOP Customer
The lean back style holds our single sheet flyers nicely and everyone is happy. Thank you.
EZIPOP Customer
We used to use the ordinary clear plastic stands but found other companies were putting their leaflets into our holders. This is in spite of us having used a sticker with our logo and info on the front and we employ merchandisers to check on these things. Since switching to EZIPOPs, we almost never have this problem, so it has saved us time and money. By the way, you were right, they do take up a fraction of the space in our warehouse.
What a pleasant surprise, our EZIPOPs arrived this morning and they really look great. Thanks for making this whole experience so easy.
EZIPOP Customer
Fast delivery, great product to a good price, works well and folds flat, excellent! Thank you.
The EZIPOP brochure holders have been a perfect fit for us - the company supported us in ideas as to how we could have a professional outcome on a budget and we're delighted with the final result. The flat pack holders are also perfect for us in lessening postage costs for our national flyer distribution program. Thank you EZIPOP! We highly commend your product and service.
S.W. The Lyme Disease Association of Australia
A quick note to say how pleased we are with the EZIPOP brochure holder and the complimentary graphic design of the brochure. They are a highly effective but inexpensive merchandising aid, which has been just what we needed in the early stages of our Aerobed launch. Our Sales Agents use them extensively in the field and they have proved a real hit with our new Aerobed stockists. They are simple to put up, eye catching in appearance and easy to get accepted for multiple locations such as product display points and service counters.
The pre-packed EZIPOPs you produced for us have been a great success, all our merchandisers and reps are impressed and are complimenting me on supplying such a smart item.
EZIPOP Customer
Great Product! Great quality! Will buy again.
We needed an environmentally sound way to display our brochures promoting our campaign and found EZIPOP. They're perfect for our needs and we were able to produce an informative front sticker to go on the Generic holder. We couldnt be happier.
A.B. The Julian Burton Burns Trust
Love them and the 100% recycled board that we went with reinforces the eco message of the products were selling.
EZIPOP Customer
We here at Carolines Skincare absolutely love the EZIPOP DL brochure holders. Not only is the design cost effective and simple, it is also eye-catching and a great way to present and compliment not just brochures but our products as well. They have proven to be highly effective marketing tools for our brand and have helped us to increase sales in the ever-competitive retail market place. We could not imagine a better alternative!
Caroline's Skincare
We wanted a brochure holder to use at hot rod shows and in dealer showrooms that was out of the ordinary and would display our product brochures stylishly. The answer for us was EZIPOP. The materials, printing and finishing can produce a rich glossy black and with our standout logo, It will be a standout at rod shows and within dealer showrooms.
S.W. Voodoo Hot Rods
The simplicity and innovation of EZIPOP improved our brand image and enabled us to achieve increased penetration into the retail market space. We are now proudly exporting the EZIPOP sales and marketing innovations to subsidiaries in New Zealand and Mexico.
Weve got many hundreds of ParcelPoint EZIPOPs on counters throughout the country, theyre working well and were very happy with the product. They take up minimal space on counter, theyre easy to display and act as a silent salesman for the service.
Julian Leach, ParcelPoint
Theyre just so neat and easy for us to use and our clients are happy to have them on their counters too. Weve found they last very well too.
EZIPOP Customer


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