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Ekka generics
by MCB
Ekka organisers wanted a cost effective A5 size brochure holder to display and distribute their A5 size "Learning Trail Booklet". EZIPOP had the best answer.... [ Read full post ]
You can Bank on it.
by MCB
A major Australian bank wanted to promote a particular service. They wanted to display DL brochures as well as their key consultant's business card. EZIPOP had the answer.... [ Read full post ]
by MCB
Great looking P.O.P. grabs attention and sales, that's why the top organisations spend so much effort on Point Of Purchase displays. Want more P.O.P. appeal?... [ Read full post ]
by MCB
March Madness! Out of the blue, a mad idea surfaced just for the month of March! Why not have a Mad March Sale on EZIPOP brochure holders that's open to everyone?... [ Read full post ]
The Power of One (Colour)
by MCB
Much has been researched and written about the psychological impact of colour but what about the practical aspects of using one colour in your point of purchase items, such as EZIPOP cardboard brochure holders.... [ Read full post ]


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